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At the moment with environmental issues and caring for our planet at the forefront, the time has come to have an advocate for green cleaning that can be relied upon - the Queen of laundry Nicole Gibson from Soka Australia has many solutions and enough material for ongoing segments on this topic.

Get green cleaning means you use non-toxic household products to support your stain removal process. These ingredients are better for the user, recycling, waterways, septic tanks, grey water systems and are commonly all found at home.

Director of the Brisbane based company, Nicole has designed a laundry soaking system that increases the usability and functionality of the laundry sink whilst saving water, space, detergent and supports a circular economy. The Soka Tub reduces our water footprint and encourages the recycling of waste water.

This laundry innovation has the ability to separately soak multiple items, in different laundry solutions, all in the one compact unit. This saves time, money and laundry sanity. However regular laundry detergents and stain removal solutions contain harsh chemicals and toxins which are not suitable for grey water systems, septic tanks, recycling and those suffering with skin allergies. Therefore the draining grates are fantastic for mixing detergents and solutions, and double as a draining lid to avoid skin contact of waste water.

Nicole says that "stain removal can be easily achieved with regular safe household products. Some of the most efficient stain removal ingredients are already in our pantry which reduces the cost of buying chemicals and also is less toxic for the user." As a society we tend to throw out clothes with stains instead of solving the problem. Nicole is passionate about reducing the war on waste and her vision is to make doing laundry easier with the use of her laundry innovation, provide continued support and advice regarding stain removal, and the overall general care of garments.

Nicole offers daily advice on her @sokaaustralia instagram stories featuring ecofriendly and non-toxic laundry tips and hacks. Mother of 4 children, author and radio parenting expert, Nicole is answering the laundry problems of Australia with her Martha Stewart approach to cleaning and stain removal.

For interviews contact or 0412 024 186.

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