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How to support Australian Made and local business during isolation

COVID-19 has cancelled everything but doing laundry so it's now time for the greatest game of our lives. Our nation is a great team and our supporters are just as committed to seeing us win this health and economic fight. We all have a role to play, we all know our strengths and now its time to support Australian made and local business. We need endurance, to stay focused and to maintain commitment until the final buzzer. You've got this Australia ❤GAME ON!

It is incredibly sad to witness both small and large businesses suffering during this economical crisis. We have seen some of our favourite brands and stores temporaily close doors to reduce the overall financial deficit whilst others are closing indefinitely.

Many jobs have been lost and many more hearts have been broken with the uncertainty of our future. The combination of social distancing and the measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 has not only heavily affected the retail industry but those also involved with providing a service or in the tourism, hospitality and trade industry.

Drastic measures to limit the disease and flatten the curve is our best option and similarly we need a little creative thinking, kindness and compassion to drastically help and support Australian made and local businesses doing it tough.

How to bring your 'A' game?

  • Buy online

  • Shop local

  • Buy Australian made

  • Check labels and research

  • Give businesses a shout out

  • Like, love, give an emoji, follow, comment and share on social media

  • Leave a review

  • Volunteer your time to help

  • Donate your expertise and or knowledge

  • Offer mentoring

  • Send a care package of food, hygiene essentials or office supplies

  • Phone, email or send a letter of hope and encouragement

  • Post a business video on @thetodayshow Karl's classifieds

  • Pray 🙏

Such devastation naturally brings a team together, raisings spirits and financially enriching lives and businesses.

If we work together as a team by paying it forward, making a conscious effort to support local and locally made than we will survive this and kindness, compassion and prosperity will be the result.

From the Coach and team at Söka Australia we are thinking of you and are here to show our support. Stay safe team Australia xx

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