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At what cost is your house squeaky clean?

We all strive for a healthy and hygienic home but at what physical and financial cost is it having on our health and bottom line?

We all know that our skin is the largest organ in the body that absorbs everything it comes in contact with. If you don't believe me try rubbing a clove of garlic on the soul of your foot and see how long it takes to taste it in your mouth! This simply demonstrates the power of skin absorption. We may wear gloves to clean our homes but whatever cleaning solution you use will remain on surfaces.

So currently we are cleaning, washing our hands and using hand sanitiser more than ever before, but have you ever stopped to think how safe is it for our health, air quality, and how effective the cleaning actually is? No matter what cleaning regime you follow the Soka Tub used as a cleaning caddy is the perfect partner to supporting your health and hygiene needs around the house. #lifestooshorttobeinthelaundry #sokaaustralia

Cleaning regimes

- Microfiber and water

- Eco friendly solutions

- DIY Eco friendly solutions

- Store bought cleaning products with harsh chemicals and toxins

- Paid house cleaner

Microfiber and water $

To be deemed a microfiber the thread count must be 1/6 th of a human hair. So price will vary depending on thread count and quality. For example leading microfiber cloths from Norwex are over 1/200 th of a human hair and even have silver threaded into the fibers. We know that silver kills bacteria, is only activated when wet and therefore is super effective when just using water. Drying time is quick, trapped bacteria is killed and this reduces odours. Other good quality cloths may be dipped in silver which is just as effective but unfortunately wears away after about 25 washes. On the other hand other microfiber cloths with less thread count and no active silver ingredient therefore needs a supporting cleaning solution to kill bacteria and germs effectively. Cleaning time is instant and it is a super quick process. This method is best for those wanting a chemical free home. A good quality microfiber kills 99.9% bacteria just with water and will last sveral years. This regime also suits those individuals with skin sensitivities and allergies.

Eco friendly cleaning products $$

There is certainly no shortage of eco friendly companies making earth friendly and chemical free cleaning solutions. "Green" solutions are safer and more environmentally friendly but still can carry health risks if used incorrectly. Using eco friendly solutions with a microfiber cloth is also an effective cleaning regime. Buying from a reputable company such as The Essential Cleaner and Koh will ensure quality and provide a range of effective cleaning alternatives delivered right to your door. This method also suits those wanting a chemical free home. Fragrances used are from essential oils which are obtained from plant material such as flowers, buds, seeds, leaves, twigs, bark, herbs, wood, fruit and roots.

DIY Eco friendly cleaning products $

There are so many chemical free recipes on the internet for making effective home made cleaning solutions using cheap everyday house hold products. This method definitely can save you money compared to store bought products and has really effective cleaning capabilities for killing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus. Team it up with a microfiber cloth and some essential oils and your home will be super clean and smelling fresh. Good quality essential oils will start around $25 a bottle but if only used for making cleaning solutions should last you several months.

Store bought cleaning products $$$

Store bought cleaning products are expensive, contain harsh chemicals, toxins and are designed to be left on the surface for 10 mins before wiping down. Who has time for that? Most often, users of spray on cleaning solutions generally wipe them down instantly which poses to be an ineffective method for removing bacteria. Instead this method if not followed to the instructions of the cleaning manufacturer will simply spread germs further.

Have you read the back of your cleaning products lately for cleaning instructions?

The absorption of chemicals through our skin can cause immediate and long term health problems, not to mention breathing difficulties, eye and throat irritations, liver, nervous system and skin issues, gastrointestinal tract discomfort and potential burns. Simply by mixing products can also lead to toxic chemical reactions producing harmful toxic gases. Who wants that for their family?

Paid house cleaner $$$$

To pay for a house cleaner is simply a luxury for some and a neccessity for others. The minimum rate for house cleaners in most states is $30 per hour which usually comes with a minimum of 3 hours call out fee. House cleaners will follow the cleaning regime of the client, generally using the clients resources and available cleaning products. However there are also eco friendly cleaning companies that do specialise in chemical free cleaning.

The common denominator

The Soka Tub is designed to be a cleaning vessel that allows you to have clean and dirty water compartments alongside a compartment for cleaning cloths and solutions. These removable compartments make it super easy for manual handling and reducing cross contamination. The 4 in 1 laundry system will support all your cleaning needs right till the very end including the soaking of microfiber cloths prior to washing.

Available from Soka Australia

For daily laundry tips, hacks and stain removal ideas follow Soka Australia.

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