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From a mum's kitchen bench in Brisbane, to worldwide distribution. This is Söka.

Söka Australia, a new Brisbane based company created by Nicole Gibson has a commitment to sustainability through practical  innovation, style,  space saving, water saving, detergent saving and a focus of bringing organisation and sanity globally to laundry spaces.


The Söka Tub has a primary use for separately soaking soiled, coloured and delicate clothing all in the one space saving bucket which allows for multiple detergent use. The Söka Tub therefore fits easily in the laundry sink with room to still  wash your hands,  or looks sleek and stylish on any bench or bookshelf around the home. 

When you purchase a Söka Tub you are not only getting one product for one designated use. The multipurpose design of Söka gives value for money and compliments the growing small residential apartment and unit living construction rates where space is a premium.

Nicole Gibson

director soka

Our Focuses

1. Reduing the amount of water used to soak clothing items

2. Reducing the amount of detergent used

3. Space saving opportunities in the laundry

4. Increasing laundry organisation

5. Reducing the chemical contact for those people with sensitive skin

6. Ensuring appropriate  manual handling 

7. Alternative storage options at home and when camping

8. Stackable design 

9. Customer and their family's water safety

10. BPA free plastic so can be used to house food

11. Infinite uses in and around the home

12. Recyclable goods

13. Circular economy

14. Reducing our water footprint


How do homes benefit from utilising the soka tub?

**Save water in the laundry**

No longer will you fill the laundry sink up with water, add too much detergent and then the water goes down the drain.  By having a smaller vessel to house soiled, delicate or coloured clothing will reduce the amount of water needed and similarly the amount of detergent being used.


**Recycle water on the gardens**

The removable compartments allows for easier lifting and carrying of a smaller load to drain on a  pot plant or in the garden.


**Encourages the use of biodegradable and earth friendly detergents**

Reusing earth friendly waste water will prove to be more environmentally friendly for our gardens and reduce the toxic waste water going down our drains.


**Supports those individuals with sensitive skin**

The Söka draining lids which avoids skin contact with harsh chemicals or waste water will be a great edition to laundry soaking. This feature allows waste water to be drained and the clothing to be tipped straight into the washing machine all without touching. Perfect for those will skin allergies, skin sensitivities and skin conditions.


**BPA free plastic**

The Söka can even be used to store food.


**Better for manual handling**

The Söka Tub is designed to lift lighter and smaller compartments. By using less water this facilitates an easier lift which everyone especially new mums, kids and the elderly will benefit from.

**No risk of children drowning**

With the internal compartments insitu, alongside the draining lids and outer lid, this gives parents peace of mind and increases safety in the laundry and around the home.

Supporting Local Business.

Alongside this new  innovation comes a passion for supporting local businesses. Nicole has chosen to make the Söka tub here in Brisbane and also has employed local support in terms of industrial design, interior design, IT, marketing and business support. Nicole is a proud Australian, and more so a very passionate Queenslander. She values the importance of manufacturing locally, producing a quality product and emphasising a Brisbane associated brand awareness when advertising her new innovation.

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