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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Local industrial designer Nicole Gibson has found a solution to help keep everyone's health and hygiene intact during a pandemic with her award winning Soka tub innovation.

With shortages in supplies of nappies, toilet paper and cleaning products, many people will find different and conservative ways to manage everyday living and household chores. Simple activities like washing underwear may be on the rise as well as changes to personal hygiene routines if the public are forced to take emergency lock down procedures.

Nicole Gibson founder of the Söka Tub said " mums could possibly run out of disposable nappies or toilet paper for their families and would need to start using reusable cloth alternatives. These alternatives used for hygiene and toileting would therefore require separate washing.”

The benefits of the Soka tub include eliminating cross contamination to maintain hygiene in the family and therefore reducing the need to flush non-biodegradable items contributing to blockages and other related illnesses that may occur during the quarantine period.

Nicole said the Soka was invented for the purpose of saving water, small washing runs, saving detergent and saving money by encouraging people to use reusable natural materials. The tub also reduces skin contact with wastewater, is ergonomically designed for effective manual handling and offers parents peace of mind that children cannot drown.

Soka Australia has won the 2019 Women in business award for Innovation and Technology, a dual Ausmumpreneur award winner 2018/2019 for Product Innovation and the Big Idea award and has been invited to join the master planning group for innovation to map out a plan for South Brisbane for the next 30 years. Nicole was also the guest speaker at the 2019 Australian Global Startup Revolutionary weekend for Sustainability.

The Soka Tub has been purchased in every state of Australia, New Zealand, UAE, UK and USA and has been manufacturing and supporting local business in Brisbane for 2 years. #lifestooshorttobeinthelaundry

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