My Soka bucket has arrived and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for keeping me informed on the tracking of it.

Anne from WA 

I bought 2 and am really happy using one as a place to store and sort food scraps for my worm farm and compost bin. Easy hose out and ready to go again. The other one I use in my laundry.

Sandi from Brisbane 

I have 2 teenage children and I use my Soka all the time. Great invention.

Madonna from Brisbane

Thanks again for the great product. I've already filled one tub with some extra goodies for my friends baby shower.

Merinda from Brisbane

Love it! My laundry is tidy now not with so many buckets everywhere. Also looks great! Best part is how much water I save.

Minaaz from Kingston

OMG! How great are Sokas!! We use ours daily.


Got my Soka today. It's amazing! Thank you.


Great product.   I got rid of my round bucket and now I can soak things individually instead of in select groups.  It stores neatly next to my bin - no wasted space.