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Life's too short to be in the laundry


Hi, I’m Nicole the Director & Designer of Söka Australia. 


The SökaTub has changed how hundreds (thousands) of households do their laundry. 


We have a commitment to sustainability through practical innovation, style, space saving, water saving, detergent saving and a focus of bringing organisation and sanity globally to laundry spaces.

Introducing The Söka Tub 

The Söka Tub laundry system increases the usability and functionality of the laundry sink, whilst saving water, detergent, space and encourages recycling of waste water. It has a primary use for separately soaking soiled, coloured and delicate clothing all in the one space saving bucket which allows for multiple detergent use.

Contact Us

We’re looking to expand into new markets because life is too short to be stuck in the laundry! 


Whether you’re a small online shop or brick & mortar store, the Söka Tub would be a wonderful addition to your inventory. 

If you’re interested in ordering, stocking, or drop shipping the SökaTub, please fill out the Interest Form below and I’ll be in touch soon to discuss the best options for bringing the Söka Tub to your shelves.

What type of store are you?

Thank you for your interest! We’re looking forward to helping you change how your customers do laundry for the sake of their time, energy, and our planet. - Nicole X

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