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City to Bush

Pay It Forward

City locals are paying it forward and gifting a Soka Tub in the City to Bush campaign launching 1st December 2019 online at Soka Australia. This campaign will support farming families to minimize their water usage to make every drop count. 


Your Soka Tub purchase will be given to farming families via community support network groups around the country so they can save water in the laundry.


Your thoughtful gift of a water saving laundry system will not only help farming families through extreme drought but more so to show that you care and are thinking of them.

Thank you for using fresh water wisely, recycling where you can and also for paying it forward with your generous gift.


Steps to pay it forward:


1. Purchase Soka Tub at checkout

2. Write message to farmer in box provided

3. Write delivery name as PIF with your address

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