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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Nicole Gibson inventor of Söka Australia, a Brisbane based company,  is a Registered Nurse from Brisbane, Author of parenting book,  radio expert of raising children,  college basketball coach and referee,  and a busy mother of 4 children.

Everyone has a gift to share,and my gift is teaching others to be better. Whether this is sport or health related, everyone can make better choices, and practice makes perfect! I believe in working smarter not harder and that big things can be achieved with motivation, persistence and effort. With these ingredients rewards will soon follow. 

To see others improve and achieve their goals is my best reward. How great this world would be if everyone  could share their gifts, bringing hope to those who never thought it was possible. With hope comes the determination to succeed, and that alone is a powerful life skill that I wish everyone could have. 

Thank you for your support. I wish you a lifetime of good health and happiness.