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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi I'm Nicole Gibson, laundry stain removal expert from Soka Australia and designer of the Söka Tub. I am passionate about sharing and empowering the community with eco friendly stain removal tips and laundry advice .  I share daily laundry stories  @sokaaustralia simply because there is a massive need, and I am inundated with requests from teens to grandparents for this laundry help. 

Here in Australia we dispose of 31 kg per person per year of textile landfill which adds up to be over 800,000 tonnes.  Interestingly the number 1 reason for throwing out clothes is stains. Sadly 95% can be recycled.


As a nation we can do better and I am here to share simply, cost effective,  ecofriendly solutions to make life easier in the laundry and more sustainable!

My best advice:

1. #lifestooshorttobeinthelaundry

2. So many great ideas go to the grave and if there is a hole in the market then its time for you to fill that hole!

3. Work smarter not harder!

4. No great idea has ever come out of the board room because busy women, wearing multiple hats are the problem solvers of the future.

5. Support local business


Thank you for your support and remember to always pay kindness forward.


Nic x

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